Local Business Shops and Saves with "Uncle" Bill OGorman and Royal Subaru! in Cortland, NY

Local Business Shops and Saves with "Uncle" Bill OGorman and Royal Subaru!

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | Local Business Shops and Saves with "Uncle" Bill OGorman and Royal Subaru!

YES!  Shopping Local - Supporting Local is how we call GROW TOGETHER!

When Patricia and Daniel Mones where ready to shop for a vehicle, they stayed local, right here in Cortland.

Most of you already know that they own the VALLEY VIEW GARDENS & THE CINNAMON APPLE COTTAGE on the Luker Road, just off Rte 281.

They truly have wonderful ideas about landscaping, great selection of plants and the Cinnamon Apple Cottage has room after room of wonderful gifts at every price range.  Regardless of a special event or holiday.. you really should stop and check them out!

Here is Patricia and Daniel posing next to her NEW RIDE!  The chose a Brand New Subaru Forester with the amazing low finance rate offer of Zero Percent for 63 months!

Stay Local... Shop Local.  Where the owner is here, lives here and you can visit with.

Come see me.. "Uncle" Bill OGorman 607-543-1215


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