Meet William Grau of Dryden NY. When it was time to upgrade Andrea suggested "Uncle" Bill in Cortland, NY

Meet William Grau of Dryden NY.  When it was time to upgrade Andrea suggested "Uncle" Bill

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | Meet William Grau of Dryden NY. When it was time to upgrade Andrea suggested "Uncle" Bill

Andrea knew that William was ready to upgrade and suggested that he visits with "Uncle" Bill OGorman at the Royal Nissan dealership in Cortland. 

Being family, she wanted to be sure that her family was family.  She also reached out to "Uncle" Bill letting him know that William Grau would be coming by.

Andrea and "Uncle" Bill have been friends "forever" and she knew that her family would be treated... just like family.

William said he wanted a Nissan Rogue, the newer version that had come out in 2021, a complete redesign.

As you can see he found just the right vehicle and in a color that he had hoped for.

"Uncle" Bill OGorman works with Royal Nissan / Royal Subaru of Cortland.  That's where you can find more for your trade and the savings you need.

Remember, ask for "Uncle" Bill OGorman so you are treated fairly...just like family.
It's time you come to Royal Subaru on Rte 281, the West Rd - Cortland New York.
Just dial (607) 543-1215 and let's get started.

Call or Text "Uncle" Bill direct at (607) 543-1215

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