You may have a lease coming due... what are YOUR Choices? Cash Back? It's possible, just ask in Cortland, NY

You may have a lease coming due... what are YOUR Choices?  Cash Back?  It's possible, just ask

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | You may have a lease coming due... what are YOUR Choices? Cash Back? It's possible, just ask

As your current lease may be ending, if not soon it will eventually.  Do you know your rights and your options?
"Uncle" Bill OGorman here from Royal Nissan - Subaru here in Cortland.
At the end of your lease term, you have three main options.
1. Purchasing your leased vehicle
2. Extending your current lease
3. Turning in your leased vehicle
Regardless of which route you take, there are a number of steps you’ll need to complete per the manufacturer’s lease agreement and "Uncle" Bill can help you work through your options.
A major perk of leasing a vehicle is the ability to drive a brand-new vehicle for an agreed amount of time and then return it to the dealership and drive away with another new vehicle.
However, you can’t just drop off your vehicle and run as factory lease terms include specific end-of-lease instructions that must completed in order to avoid fees and complications. 
In the past, most of us were happy to turn in a lease and break even or only "lose" a little.  
Today many customer have enjoyed the rise in vehicle values.   In fact, many now have equity to help start a new lease, use towards a purchase or perhaps walk away with a check.
Would you like to know YOUR OPTIONS?  Just ask "Uncle" Bill OGorman at the Royal Auto Group. 
The information can help you go from "I don't know what to do"  to "Thanks "Uncle" Bill.
Text/Save/Call "Uncle" Bill direct at (607) 543-1215.   
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