Can you custom order a New Subaru? YES! However, "Uncle" Bill might have the right one on the way! in Cortland, NY

Can you custom order a New Subaru? YES! However, "Uncle" Bill might have the right one on the way!

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | Can you custom order a New Subaru? YES! However, "Uncle" Bill might have the right one on the way!

What a fortunate turn of events for Louis and Darlene Jackson of Lansing New York!

It's not every day that the exact vehicle someone wants to order is already en route to the dealership.

"Uncle" Bill OGorman and Royal Subaru have a well-stocked inventory of Subaru Forester models, with over 70 either on the lot or on their way.

This meant that Louis and Darlene were able to get their dream Subaru without having to wait for a custom order as the exact Forester was already built and on the way!

Having such a diverse selection available can make the buying process much smoother and faster, as you can drive off with your new Subaru sooner than you may have expected.

It's always nice when things align perfectly like this in the car-buying experience, so remember to ASK for "Uncle" Bill OGorman at Royal Subaru in Cortland.

If you are in the market for a New, Pre-Loved or Factory Certified vehicle,  visit with "Uncle" Bill OGorman of the Royal Auto Group - Nissan - Subaru. 

See the Difference, See the Savings,  "Uncle" Bill OGorman, it's time you were treated just like family.

It's time you come to Royal Subaru on Rte 281, the West Rd - Cortland New York.
Just dial (607) 543-1215 and let's get started.


Call or Text "Uncle" Bill direct at (607) 543-1215

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