Congratulations to Navy Veteran Tom Tedesco! Tom is is "Uncle" Bill OGorman's Lifetime Sale #4993 in Cortland, NY

Congratulations to Navy Veteran Tom Tedesco! Tom is is "Uncle" Bill OGorman's Lifetime Sale #4993

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | Congratulations to Navy Veteran Tom Tedesco! Tom is is "Uncle" Bill OGorman's Lifetime Sale #4993

YES!  That is CORRECT!  Tom is sale #4993 in my 32 Years of the Automotive Business here in Central New York!

Tom Tedesco came to me as a Referral by my family friend and customer Gene.   

Gene knew that I worked hard to help all my customers to find the best values, but he also knew that I add a little extra for our Veterans.

Tom is Director of Veterans Services here in Cortland County.  He had heard my name from a few of our area Veterans and asked Gene to introduce us.

After listening to his wants and needs I had suggested the exact vehicle he had seen on the lot, which surprised and delighted him.

As you can see, Tom chose the New 2023 Subaru Forester Wilderness Edition.  It has the towing he could use and the ability to get through the seasonal weather we all love so much.

Thank you to Tom, and to all our Veterans.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you for your business, trust, friendship and of all.. your Service! 

"Uncle" Bill OGorman works with Royal Nissan / Royal Subaru of Cortland.  That's where you can find more for your trade and the savings you need.

Remember, ask for "Uncle" Bill OGorman so you are treated fairly...just like family.
It's time you come to Royal Subaru on Rte 281, the West Rd - Cortland New York.
Just dial (607) 543-1215 and let's get started.

Call or Text "Uncle" Bill direct at (607) 543-1215

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