How To Be In Charge Of The Car Buying Process in Cortland, NY

How To Be In Charge Of The Car Buying Process

Uncle Bill OGorman's Blog | How To Be In Charge Of The Car Buying Process

"Uncle" Bill OGorman here with a reminder about something important... that other automotive dealers seem to have forgotten.

You are the customer and it is your car buying experience, therefore, you are the one in charge of buying your next vehicle.

That’s not to say that you can be in charge of everything within the purchasing process, but there are definitely many points throughout it where you can be.

Covid-19 has changed so many things and with it, the supply chain shortage has created difficulties across the board for auto manufacturers, dealers, salespeople, and customers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still buy a vehicle like a boss.

Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that.

  • The Budget: This is certainly an important piece of information and one you should already have planned and prepared prior to entering the dealership. When looking for a new or used vehicle, try to ask for one with a price that you know is under your budget. This will give you some wiggle room to move upwards if you find something you like that is a bit more expensive, yet, still within your budget.
  • The Search: Doing online research to know which vehicles fall into your budget will help you in the long run. Make a list of what specific options and features you want. Go as far as picking the color you would prefer the vehicle to be. Learn and decide on what best fits your lifestyle. Doing the research before heading to the dealership will allow you to feel confident about which cars you can afford. With that said, have more than one affordable vehicle in mind, in the event, you find yourself liking one over the other.
  • The Test Drive: This is one of the steps you must never skip. Although you know which vehicles fit your budget and you have done the research, it is extremely important that you request a test drive if the option is not provided to you. It is critical that you do not solely fall in love with the looks of the vehicle; you must also enjoy how it drives. The test drive should be spent finding out if it is comfortable, easy to drive and to learn if the car’s layout is to your liking.
  • The Promotions: Find out before arriving at the dealership if there are current promotions happening on specific vehicles. Do the calculations and see if the promo(s) would actually be saving you money by making the vehicle you like even more affordable.
  • The Timing: There are specific times throughout the year when buying a vehicle is best. For instance, December is a great time to make a vehicle purchase due to obvious reasons. February through June are also known as great times to purchase because the manufacturers have quarterly quotas they must reach. They also have monthly quotas, thus, buying at the end of the month has traditionally been when you should choose to purchase a car, but that is no longer true.  Inventory shortages have made any time Inventory is available... that is the time to make your purchase. 
  • The Negotiation: As your sales consultant, I will be able able to work with you in providing a great deal or incentive. Take the information you researched about each of the vehicles you can afford and use it to your benefit.
  • The Plan: The plan you create is one you must stick to. This means that when you are at the dealership, use the information you have previously gathered about purchasing your vehicle. Stay within the budget and do not adjust the plan for any reason.

Drive into the lot of the dealership knowing you are fully prepared with a plan to get the car you want because you are confident and ready to buy your vehicle like a boss. You are ready!

Contact me as soon as you are ready to start the process!

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