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Meet Rick and Sue Phillips New York - "Uncle" Bill OGorman's Lifetime Sale #9490

YES!  That is CORRECT!  Philip family is sale #4989 in my 32 Years of the Automotive Business here in Central New York! The time had come for Rick and Sue Phillips to trade in their old Rogue that I...

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Meet Philip Falso of Cortland New York - "Uncle" Bill OGorman Lifetime Sale #4989

YES!  That is CORRECT!  Philip is sale #4989 in my 32 Years of the Automotive Business here in Central New York! Philip had been enjoying his Nissan Sentra.  He stopped in on Saturday for...

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Meet Lugene Dusa of Groton New York - "Uncle" Bill OGorman's LIFETIME SALE #9487

Yes... that's correct!  Lugene is sale #4986 in my 32 years of the Automotive Business here in Central New York! Lugene needed to trade in a GMC truck for the size and comfort of this Brand New Nissan...

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Meet William Grau of Dryden NY. When it was time to upgrade Andrea suggested "Uncle" Bill

Andrea knew that William was ready to upgrade and suggested that he visits with "Uncle" Bill OGorman at the Royal Nissan dealership in Cortland.  Being family, she wanted to be sure that her family was...

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Congratulations to Amy Layton! She chose another vehicle with "Uncle" Bill and Royal Subaru Nissan

Amy was ready for another vehicle and this (4500 mile ONE OWNER)  2020 Nissan Rogue Sport was perfect for the budget and comfort she desired. The low mileage caught her attention, but then the Apple Car...

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Congratulations to Ted Wright! He chose this Mazda CX-5 from "Uncle" Bill and Royal Nissan

Ted wanted to upgrade so something special and this beautiful Mazda CX-5 caught his eye. This CX-5 is the Touring version and the color is called Soul Red Crystal,  a color that stands out and holds your...

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